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Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak

Commemorating the Lord Buddha's Birth,Enlightenment and Passing

Saturday May 4, 2019 in the City of Melbourne


The theme of the 2019 event is LIGHT.

In 2019 , we take inspiration from Dhammapada Verse 387 where, on the full moon day of the seventh month, the Lord Buddha addressed Venerable Ananda while residing at the Pubbarama monastery:

By day shines the sun; 

by night shines the moon;

in regalia shines the king; 

in meditation shines the arahat;

but the Buddha in his glory shines at all times, by day and by night.

Thus in 2019, the Victoria UN Vesak celebrations take on the theme of “Light”.

We invite you to participate by sharing your interpretations of light and expressed through lanterns. 

We welcome your lanterns that can be carried in the Friendship Walk and showcased in the Melbourne Town Hall. 

Additional guidelines on lanterns are provided here


This event has been kindly sponsored by the City of Melbourne and other kind donors.

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